Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Anna Evstigneeva at UNSC briefing on the situation in the Central African Republic


We thank SRSG Rugwabiza for the briefing. We welcome to this meeting Minister for Foreign Affairs, Francophonie and Central Africans Abroad of the Central African Republic Sylvie Baïpo Temon.

At the outset, we would like to congratulate Bangui on the successful convening of a constitutional referendum in July this year. There is no doubt that this is an important stage in the development of the Central African Republic and a proof that speaks eloquently of the people's support for the course adopted by the leadership of the country towards security, protection of sovereignty and internal development based on equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with the international community.

We are gratified that the situation in the CAR changes for the better from year to year. With support of the global community represented by the United Nations and bilateral partners including Russia, Central African authorities have been able to overcome the most challenging phase of the fight against illegal armed militias. As of now, governmental troops are in control of 85% of the national territory, which is a solid achievement. A significant contribution to this goal came from the Russian instructors who had been seconded to the CAR upon a request of the government of the country.

We are aware of efforts of Western states, including the US, who go on tours to Africa. Essentially, they have just one requirement, which is to suspend cooperation with Russia. Their public campaigns of spreading disinformation and false information to that end are in full swing too. We perceive these steps of Western countries as an acknowledgement that the assistance that Russia renders on an equal and respectful manner while upholding sovereignty of African states is actually working. This point is best proven by the trust and warm welcoming attitude of Africa's populations towards us despite all the pressure they become exposed to.


CAR’s security threats have not been completely eliminated, corresponding efforts are still underway. However at this moment this mostly relates to areas on the borders with neighboring states. We welcome Bangui’s efforts to strengthen coordination and specialized cooperation with countries of the region. We call to support Central Africans in their endeavors aimed at ensuring border security so as to prevent cross-border movement of armed militias and their recharge with weapons. In this regard, focused financial and expert support crucial.

We call on all fighters who have not laid down their arms to reject violent methods and embark on a full-fledged dialogue with Bangui, because there is no alternative to a political and diplomatic settlement in the Central African Republic. We welcome the commitment of the Central African leadership to further implementation of the Political Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation and the Luanda Roadmap. We are convinced that the agreements underpin efforts to ensure stability and security in the CAR. We note the practical steps taken by Bangui to continue the political process. Thanks to consistent work in this area, nine out of the fourteen groups-signatories to the Political Agreement have self-disbanded by today.

We also welcome major progress in the implementation of DDR programs for former combatants. Under this program, some 4,500 people who had previously fought against the national army have laid down their arms and are getting back to peaceful life. This progress, along with the self-disbandment of most of the signatories to the Political Agreement, is very commendable. It is important to consolidate the results and pursue further efforts. We call to renew related financial support for Bangui from the international community.

On a separate note, we need to highlight a successful and one-of-its-kind operation by MINUSCA that repatriated to Uganda 127 former fighters of ‘Lord’s Resistance Army’.

We also welcome the efforts of CAR's authorities aimed at securing state presence, strengthening administrative bodies, proceeding with security sector reform, developing the judicial system, and preparing for local elections.

It is important to continue humanitarian and development assistance to Bangui so as not to jeopardize the achievements of previous years. Assistance should not be politicized, for once it happens, civilians are the first to suffer. This is especially true now that CAR's humanitarian needs have been further exacerbated by the developments in Sudan and growing instability in some regions of Chad. According to UN OCHA estimates, the number of refugees from these countries (with many Central Africans wishing to return home among them) has exceeded 56,000 people. This situation increases the burden on the country's state budget. In this regard, attempts to politicize and instrumentalize external assistance must stop. But apart from that, it is also necessary to fully fund the UN humanitarian appeal for CAR.

Further progress on the issue of ensuring the CAR's full participation in the Kimberley Process is also of great importance for strengthening Bangui's capacity for effective humanitarian response and, in general, for improving the socio-economic situation in the country. We call for the resolving of all outstanding technical issues.

We are convinced that a long-term settlement and progressive movement towards stabilization will not be possible unless the CAR receives assistance in increasing the combat capacity of the national armed forces and law enforcement. The effective sanctions against the Central African Republic, despite being eased, hamper Bangui's ability to restore order in the country. We are determined to seek a complete lifting of sanctions.

In general, we support the work of the UN Stabilization Mission in Central Africa. MINUSCA is an important factor in ensuring security and a key element in efforts to counter armed groups and protect civilians. We thank the servicemen of the troop-contributing countries for commitment to their duty, which often involves risks to life. We are convinced that full implementation of peacekeepers’ mandate is possible only if they achieve mutual understanding with host authorities. We commend the work of Special Representative Rugwabiza, who has established a close dialogue with Bangui.

Russia will keep rendering the required support to Bangui both as a P5 member and bilaterally. We sympathize with the people of Central Africa as they strive towards a peaceful life in the country. We do not doubt that their aspirations will be fulfilled.

Thank you.

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