Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by Vice-President Academician Yuri Balega at the Ministerial Session: Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs and a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic

Mr. Chairman!

Honorable delegates!

Science and new technologies play a major role in ensuring the development of mankind, solving global problems and maintaining the competitiveness of States’ economies. Building long-term scientific relationships and engaging researchers in solving new challenges is the key to achieving a better future for the Planet.

The development of international scientific relations has been one of the most important functions of the Russian Academy of Sciences throughout its existence - in 2024 the Academy turns 300 years old. We are participating in the development of the UNESCO Recommendations on Open Science, a document that sets out approaches to improve knowledge sharing in the scientific community. These recommendations also aim to prevent any restrictions on access to international research infrastructure, publications and open databases.

We actively support the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development - the Academy plans to hold 65 events and create an online Lectorium - a platform where leading Russian scientists will present reviews on all areas of science - from agriculture to astronomy. I would like to note that in Russia 2022-2031 has been declared the Decade of Science and Technology.

Along with the problem of pandemics, this Forum will discuss the topic of climate change. Russia is actively involved in the formation of international climate policy - we are a party to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Last year, our country launched a program to create test sites for carbon balance control - currently there are 11 such test sites in Russia. Not only experts are involved in the study of climate problems - we also actively involve the public and the media in our projects. In this area, we are ready for constructive cooperation with all countries.

Our scientists are actively involved in the development of methods for optimizing the use of water resources. We hold conferences on cooperation in the field of water use and ecology with scientific organizations of Central Asia. In conclusion, I want to express my confidence that the world scientific community will be able to join forces in order to predict new challenges and develop ways to solve them - this is the key to the future of all mankind.

Thank you for your attention!