Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by First Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Polyanskiy at UNSC briefing on the situation in Yemen


We thank Hans Grunbdberg and Ramesh Rajasingham for providing a review of the political and humanitarian situation in Yemen. We closely followed the remarks by Ms. Maysa Shujauddin.

We keep track of the acute military and political crisis in Yemen. We are particularly concerned by the situation at the border of Marib and Shabwa provinces, where deadly clashed between Houthis and formations that are loyal to the president have resumed recently.

We listened carefully to the assessments made by H.Grundberg following his first dive into the work of a Special Envoy. It was especially important to receive his assessments of the contacts with the antagonists in Yemen. We also welcome his commitment to cooperating with ambassadors of UNSC P5 states to Yemen. We reckon that after making such pilot contacts he will engage actively in the efforts aimed at establishing dialogue between the opposing sides.

On our part, we will keep supporting the UN efforts. It is our intention to continue encouraging the Yemeni authorities and the leadership of the Houthi movement “Ansar Allah” to demonstrate a constructive approach and be ready for compromise. We advocate for launching inter-Yemeni talks under the UN auspices to address the issue of future political structure of the country and ensure a comprehensive and lasting settlement of the conflict based on due account for the interests of all leading political forces of Yemen.


Our ultimate common goal is ensuring an integrated long-term settlement of Yemen’s numerous problems that are also quite cognizable for the neighboring states.

The dire socio-economic situation in the country also raises great concern. The distressing statistics provided by OCHA is rather self-explanatory. We reiterate the need to lift restrictions on deliveries of food, medicines, and other basic items to all districts of Yemen.

Also, we are very concerned by the unstopping attacks on civilian facilities, i.a. at the territory of Saudi Arabia. We call on the conflicting sides to strictly adhere to the provisions of the international humanitarian law, promptly and fully reject combat operations that lead to destruction of the non-military infrastructure and civilian casualties.

We count on soon resolution of the problem of SAFER tanker and all remaining technical disputes relating to it. We call on all stakeholders to act constructively.

In conclusion, I would like to commend the efforts of regional states that are ready to take on a mediator role in the Yemeni settlement. We also remind of UNSC resolution 598 and other initiatives aimed at sub-regional stabilization, including the revitalized Russian collective security concept for the region.

Thank you.