Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Chumakov at webinar “Working towards greater multilateral coherence on conflict prevention and peace-building in the context of COVID-19 recovery”

Ms. Moderator, Your Excellency Chair of the PBC, distinguished colleagues,

We note reports on positive experience of cooperation between the United Nations and International Financial Institutions, namely the IMF and the World Bank, through the Peacebuilding Commission both directly and within the framework of country programs. We also share the conviction of the PBC that convergence of assessments of causes of political and economic instability and approaches towards the elimination of them could play a significant role, in particular against the backdrop of dire socioeconomic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for conflict-affected countries on the agenda of the Commission. Strengthening cooperation between IFIs and the UN, with due regard to the existing mandates, remains a priority.

With all this in mind, our suggestions and remarks are as follows. How does the engagement in peacebuilding efforts correspond to the core mandates of the Fund and the Bank in macroeconomic field? How will this engagement ensure equal and impartial approach to reconstruction and development of all conflict-affected countries including Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan whose nationally owned funds are temporarily suspended from the Governments? If we are right in understanding, criteria of ranking countries with regard to fragility, conflict-affectedness and violence are currently outsourced and developed by private groups. Accountability of the latter to Member States, their transparency and integrity - how is this guaranteed?

In the materials circulated to this meeting there is a reference that the IFIs are considering possible leverage on the UN field presence – how will this cooperation be organized? And overall, how to craft “distribution of labor” in a proper manner? Our proposals here would be to ensure leading role of the PBC, to validate and empower the body, rely on ECOSOC expertise and leverage its coordinating role with regard to the repositioned UN development system. We would also like to see the PBC participating in generic, and not only country-level discussion. What we could also think about is to recommend the IFIs request for an input of the PBC when preparing strategies of engagement in FCV countries.

I thank you.