Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Vladimir Safronkov at the Security Council meeting on Libya

Mr. President,

We would like to express gratitude to Special Representative Ghassan Salame for his detailed, yet alarming briefing on the development of military and political situation in Libya. We also thank Ambassador Schulz for his report about the work of the specialized Sanctions Committee. We appreciate the work of the delegation of Germany that chairs this mechanism.

Mr. President,

Report by Mr.Salame clearly showed that the military and political situation in Libya continues to deteriorate. The number of deaths and injuries, as well as the share of IDPs are growing, urban infrastructure is suffering destruction. Terrorists raise up their head, to say nothing of the escalating migration problem. There emerge new dividing lines. The country risks disintegration.

Let us be frank, all of this has been destroying the Libyan statehood ever since the events of 2011. The case of Libya should remind that setting forth geopolitical experiments is unacceptable. Since the very beginning of the conflict, we have called to focus international and regional efforts on Libya’s unification, i.a. for the purpose of carrying out consolidated fight against terrorism.

The situation in this area today is much worse. Jihadists are relocating to Libya from Syria and Iraq. This may turn Libya into one of the key strongholds of terrorism in North Africa.

Russia has not, never had and will never have a hidden agenda in the Libyan conflict. We appreciate contacts that we maintain with all sides. We make them aware of our position that advocates for political settlement. During our contacts with Libyan actors we always highlight that the central role in this process can only be played by the United Nations and its Special Representative Mr.Salame.


We highly appreciate the efforts of UNSMIL, the courageous and dedicated work of the Special Representative. Mr.Salame, we fully support your crisis relief program, as it includes the key element that we have upheld for many years by now, namely swift consolidation of positions of external stakeholders.

The report by the Special Representative, just like the statement made by Mr.Grandi at a recent representative meeting of the Security Council, confirm that migrants are in a terrible situation to say the least. We have repeatedly stated that in order to solve the migration problem, we should not oppose migrants, but should do our best to rehabilitate and improve the trouble regions. In such case, people will be getting back themselves.

Another problem that must be solved is the illegal arms trafficking in Libya. It requires a comprehensive approach and account for the fact that the present-day situation has been caused by severe violations of the relevant provisions of resolution 1973 back in 2011.

We call upon everyone to abandon unilateral agenda, consolidate under UN auspices in order to launch political talks that would make it possible to unify the country and enable Libyans to be the ones who develop the country and manage its vast mineral resources.

Once again, Mr.Salame, we remain positive about your program to overcome the Libyan crisis. We realize that it can only be implemented if the key external stakeholders abide by the same rules of the game.

Thank you, Mr.President.