Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Gennady Kuzmin at UNSC briefing on ICC report (Libya)


We welcome Mr.Karim Khan in his new capacity. Hopefully, his engagement at the ICC will correct the irregularities that our delegation highlighted consecutively, and perhaps bring the Court closer to at least partial recovery of its rather tarnished reputation.

Some positive developments already come in sight. For the first time, the report on the Libyan investigation has something we can truly appreciate – honesty. The Prosecutor’s Office openly states the lack of any significant progress on this case. This is what our delegation has been saying for the recent decade. It is good that the ICC finally stopped faking frenzied activity and admitted the obvious.

In general, the approach of the ICC to the Libyan file remains discriminate, whereby all guilt is placed upon only one of the sides to the conflict. No cases were started regarding ostensible crimes by militants, and also by ISIL. The Court did not even try to investigate illegitimate NATO’s airstrikes against the territory of Libya that entailed numerous casualties.

We regret that the Libyan statehood was razed down to the ground for the sake of Western states’ ambitions.

The country that once used to prosper still lies in ruins, and needs to be restored bit by bit. As for the civilian population, whom the good-doers from NATO tried to protect, it had to pass through the terrors of civil all-out war, utter chaos, total disarrangement and devastation. A decade passed before Libya could spot some positive moments in its complicated process of political settlement.

Libya’s general elections are scheduled for 24 December. We call on all sides to demonstrate maximum restraint in order to make it possible for the long-suffering Libyan people to execute their legitimate right to elect and be elected.

Thank you.