Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by Chargé d'Affaires of the Russian Federation Dmitry Polyanskiy at the UN Security Council meeting on Iraq

Mm. President,

We thank Ms.J.Hennis-Plasschaert for the useful briefing.

Russia progressively supports strengthening of stability and security in the Republic of Iraq. The main role in this process is to be played by the people and government of Iraq. The new Iraqi authorities have a lot of work to do in order to anchor the positive dynamic of domestic developments. In this regard we welcome steps related to establishing the government of Iraq, i.a. recent appointments to key ministerial offices. We expect this process to be accomplished soon. We are convinced this is going to help overcome all the domestic political disputes.

We point out commitment of the Iraqi authorities to modernize financial sector and improve the investment climate of the country. We believe strengthening stability in Iraq is of crucial importance for the entire Middle Eastern region. That is why it is vital to ensure support of the international community for the course the government of Iraq has taken at restoring the economy and developing social aspects. We commend the role of UNAMI that helps the authorities of the Republic focus on national reconciliation and economic recovery.

We welcome and highly assess the consistent policy of Baghdad aimed at maintaining friendly relations with regional partners. We underscore the aspirations and activity of Iraqis and Kuwaitis in restoring the historical justice in what we call the “Iraqi-Kuwaiti dossier”.

Let me emphasize the importance of consecutive work to overcome disputes between different ethnic and religious groups of the Republic, to promote unity of the Iraqi nation and the integrity of their State. In this regard, we give a positive assessment to ongoing dialogue that should restore mutual understanding between Baghdad and Erbil. We are convinced that continued improvement of relations between them can help Iraq enhance its security; especially since there still remain challenges in this area.

We are interested in eradicating the threat posed by ISIL and terrorism at large. We can effectively withstand this challenge only if we have maximum broad coordination of counter terrorist efforts. Thereby we proceed from the assumption that everyone involved in countering terrorism in Iraq should have respect for the sovereignty of this State and coordinate their action with Baghdad. Everything that is done should meet the goals set, namely – fight against terrorism and assistance to the government of Iraq in ensuring stabilization.

We keep track of the improvement of Iraqi military forces, including integration of people’s militia units in the interests of the country’s security.

Russia will continue to support efforts of the Iraqi leadership aimed at reinstalling control over territories seized by ISIL, ensuring sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq.

We cannot but be concerned about the escalation in the Persian Gulf region that has a negative impact on the process of achieving inter-Iraqi concord. Attempts to drag the country into confrontation that is deliberately inflated around the Islamic Republic of Iran are counter-productive. They destabilize the inter-Iraqi environment that is already fragile. It falls within interests of the international community to avoid this scenario. We should not let another geopolitical experiment, no matter where it might be coming from, undermine the success at the counter-terrorist front that came at a price.

In July this year you, Ms.Hennis-Plasschaert met in Moscow with Russian Foreign Minister S.Lavrov. This meeting reiterated the need to solve all crisis situations through dialogue and in the framework of collective efforts.

We stand ready to interact on such basis with all the interested regional and international partners in the framework of our Concept of collective security for the Persian Gulf area.

We proceed from the assumption that our efforts go in line with the mandate of the UN Secretary-General to develop measures of confidence and security in the region in accordance with Security Council resolution 598.

Thank you.