Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement of the Permanent Mission in connection with the appeal of the UN Secretariat to ensure a ceasefire in Ukraine

We took note of today’s statement by the UN Secretary-General calling on Russia to ensure a ceasefire in Ukraine for humanitarian operations.

We regret that in the same statement Antonio Guterres did not give any assessment of the actions of those members of the UN Security Council who on March 23 torpedoed the efforts of the Russian delegation to form conditions for the work of humanitarian workers on the ground that are binding for all parties to implement.

Once again, we remind of the content of the Russian draft of truly humanitarian resolution of the UN Security Council on Ukraine: 

1) a call to establish a ceasefire and have humanitarian pauses to facilitate safe evacuation of civilians, as well as enabling unimpeded exit (free from any discrimination) from the territory of Ukraine to all those willing to leave; 

2) a call to not attack critical infrastructure; 

3) calls to not place heavy equipment in residential quarters and densely populated areas; 

4) protection of humanitarian and medical personnel; 

5) proper protection of the sick and wounded; 

6) humane treatment of detainees; 

7) protection of civilians, especially women and children.

We regret that the efforts of humanitarian workers in this country are becoming hostages to the geopolitical ambitions of the Western curators of Kiev.

We are still ready to cooperate with colleagues in the UN Security Council on the humanitarian track in Ukraine. We are open to discuss all the modalities. Daily humanitarian corridors are being open. The Russian Armed Forces guarantee safe evacuation through them to everyone who wishes to do so.