Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Mr.Dmitry Chumakov at the Second Session of the LLDC-3 Preparatory Committee

Your Excellencies,



Allow me to thank you and the staff of your missions for effectively leading the negotiation process to agree on a new program of action for landlocked developing countries. We also recognize the high professionalism and responsiveness of the staff of the Office of the High Representative in providing technical support to our consultations. We are grateful to all delegations that have shown flexibility in our common efforts to shape a ten-year roadmap that meets the interests and priorities of LLDCs.

A key aspect of the new action program was the approval of the expected results from the implementation of the program: The formation of regional agricultural research hubs, regional digital platforms for training, financial mechanisms for attracting investments in infrastructure, and the establishment of a High-Level expert group to work on transit facilitation issues.

However, we still have a critical challenge to address: The need to ensure the mobilization of resources for the completion of the program and to guarantee that our commitments are supported by appropriate means of implementation. Undoubtedly, the priorities of the program—developing productive capacities, transport, energy, and digital infrastructure, building diversified exports, creating an attractive investment environment, ensuring the sustainability and resilience of economic systems, and eradicating poverty—will require enormous resources from partner countries, including increased support from the Office of the High Representative and other UN organizations and agencies involved.

The Russian side devotes increased attention to this group of countries and support in overcoming possible challenges, including those at the highest level. Thus, during his visit to Uzbekistan last week, President V.V. Putin reiterated to President Sh. Mirziyoyev the need to take joint steps with other regional partners to address Uzbekistan's logistical challenges associated with the lack of access to the sea. Collaboration in this direction is relevant for all of our partners among LLDCs. And we reaffirm our focus on assisting those countries in realizing their development goals.

In conclusion, let me express my gratitude to the government of Botswana for offering to host the Third UN Conference on LLDCs. We hope for its success. For our part, we are pleased to provide financial support for the organization of this important event.

Thank you for your attention.

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