Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Position of the Russian Federation for the UN General Assembly

    The 68th session of the UN General Assembly should aim at consolidating collective approaches to world politics with a central coordinating role of the United Nations as a unique mechanism for ensuring global stability. The only way to address current threats and challenges in an effective and comprehensive manner is to use collectively coordinated approaches and produce solutions taking into account a wide range of Member States' positions.

    We have consistently called for the recognition of a polycentric world order, equal and indivisible security in full conformity with the UN Charter basic principles of sovereign equality, territorial integrity of any State, inadmissibility of intervention in the domestic affairs and respect for peoples' right to self-determination.

    A just and democratic world order cannot be achieved without a strict observance of the principles of the supremacy of international law, mainly of the UN Charter and the prerogatives of the UN Security Council as the main body responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security.

    All the decisions taken and mandates given by the UN Security Council are binding on all Member States and should not be subject to a selective or arbitrary interpretation to satisfy any unilateral proposals and political projects intended to change regimes and implant specific development models, which destabilizes the situation both in countries and entire regions.

    The efforts to reform the United Nations and adapt it to current realities should be aimed at safeguarding its intergovernmental nature and be in full compliance with the charter principle of labour division among its main bodies.

    The purpose of the reform of the UN Security Council is to achieve broader representation without damaging the effectiveness and efficiency of its work, and timely decision-making process. It is necessary to keep searching for a compromise reform model which would enjoy the broadest support within the UN.