Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia after the UNSC vote on draft resolution on linkages between international terrorism and organized crime

Mr. President,

Russia has voted in favor of the draft resolution prepared by the delegation of Peru on nexus between international terrorism and organized crime. We are thankful to the authors of this document and personally to you, Mr.President, for the consecutive efforts to improve the toolkit at the disposal of the Security Council to counter various forms of assistance to terrorism.

We are convinced that the resolution itself should not be taken as a result of our work at this track. The nature of the threat is rapidly changing, that is why the Council will have to get back to the topic of linkage between terrorism and criminal activity. In this regard, we urge our colleagues to keep from attempts to use this topic to promote politicized concepts that have little to do with SC efforts to sustain international peace and security.

We welcome that the draft resolution in question focused on pressing issues of terrorist recharge from arms, drug, and human trafficking. First of all, we managed to extend the toolkit of the Security Council developed in resolutions 2370 and 2462 and aimed to address arms-related issues.

From today on, all countries that have not yet for some reason taken steps at this track, must introduce criminal liability for illicit trafficking in explosives, military and double use products, and also prohibit by law manufacturing of unmarked or improperly marked small arms and light weapons. Besides, the resolution articulates guidelines for strengthening border cooperation in order to counter such crimes.

Let me also remind of commitments (enshrined in resolution 2178) to have criminal prosecution of those who engage in training terrorists. Unfortunately, some countries are naïve enough to think that these provisions do not touch upon issues of training to manufacture and use arms, explosives and other specific items used to carry out terrorist attacks.

We proceed from the assumption that implementation of the package of measures adopted today will be closely monitored by the Counter-Terrorism Committee. On our part, we stand ready to share best practices in such areas as undermining channels of weapons deliveries to terrorists. We are also prepared to provide the required assistance to all the interested States.

Thank you.