Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Remarks to the press by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia with regard to the 10th anniversary of "Euromaidan" in Ukraine

Ambassador Nebenzia: Today’s meeting of the Security Council, which was requested by the USA and Albania, presented a good opportunity to discuss the 10th anniversary of the so-called Euromaidan in Kiev – a wave of civil unrest, orchestrated by the West, followed by bloodshed that led to an unconstitutional coup d’état. This coup triggered a chain of tragic events which resulted in a systemic crisis of statehood in Ukraine we are observing now.

Let me recall how it all started.

On 21 November 2013, the Ukrainian government suspended preparations for signing the Association Agreement with the European Union. I would like to underscore that this decision was absolutely legitimate and substantiated, guided by the need to ensure sovereign national interests of Ukraine. The Ukrainian economy was obviously threatened by the unhindered inflow of European goods while being unable to meet EU standards for its own export. Simply speaking, contrary to the Western fairytales about the bright ‘prospects of integration into Europe”, Ukraine, after agreeing to sign that Association Agreement, was doomed to become a subordinate source of commodities and raw goods as well as cheap labor force for Europe. In a way the plan was to replace a notorious “Polish plumber” with a ‘Ukrainian housemaid’.

Regrettably, this is what actually happened when the Agreement was eventually embraced by Maidan authorities. And now even pro-European Ukrainians admit that the Agreement was disadvantageous and its implementation did more harm than good. We are not surprised by these assessments, not only because we warned about these consequences ten years ago, but also because we know this is a typical scheme of neocolonial exploitation by Western countries that they impose on all those who agree to implement their geopolitical agenda.

A very illustrious example of a treacherous promise of “European solidarity” for Ukraine: you all remember how Poland recently closed its borders to protect its farmers and markets from cheap Ukrainian products. At the same time Ukraine was then, back in 2013, expected to open its markets in exchange for minuscule quotas failing in any sort of trade competition with the EU.

With this in mind, it’s easier to answer the question why the decision of the Ukrainian government to postpone consideration of this Agreement, was met with so well-organized and coordinated protests. We have no doubt about the key role of the EU and the USA in igniting, encouraging and directing the protest of a loud minority using far-right radicals and neo-Nazis as a leverage. Victoria Nuland admitted in 2014 that the US invested 5 billion dollars to prepare for such a scenario well in advance. After they led nationalists to power, they later covered them in brutal crimes against their own people in Odessa, Mariupol and the war against Donbas. We all know that even the internationally approved basis for settlement of the Ukrainian crisis – the 2015 Minsk Agreements – were from the very beginning a smokescreen by Kiev and its European sponsors to buy time to arm Ukraine and prepare it for a war with Russia.

I would like to stress that contrary to the Western propaganda, the promise of Maidan was nothing else but a bait. Ukraine has to give up everything – its sovereignty, the right to determine its future, its historic, cultural Slavic background and religious ties with Russia – so that its more and more corrupt elite could receive perks from its Western sponsors while sending the ordinary people to the battlefield to die for them. This was the initial plot from the outset as it is absolutely clear today.

The history of Maidan is important in order to understand the origins of the current decline and erosion of Ukraine as a state. It should serve as a warning for everyone who is being cajoled by the West in its criminal pursuit of new pawns to promote its devastating and selfish geopolitical agenda. Therefore, we’re organizing an Arria formula meeting specifically on this topic on December 8 when we’ll give the floor to the participants of those events.

Moreover, immediately after this stakeout, the Permanent Mission of Russia will go live on Twitter to webcast a documentary by the Russia Today “Maidan: The Road to War”. The film was shot from 2014 to 2022, as the Donetsk and Lugansk regions were subjected to daily shelling by the Kiev regime. This documentary delves into the 2014 situation in Ukraine and pieces together  the course of events. Once again, the webcast will start right now. I invite all of you to join.

Thank you.


Q: Could you bring us up to date on Russia's talks with Iran on providing Moscow with ballistic missiles for use in Ukraine?

A: I have no news about such talks.

Q: Or "Wagner", at the direction of the government providing Hezbollah or Iran with some sort of air defense capabilities? 

A: I think this is a complete fake. If you are referring to article in Washington Post, this article that you quoted is a disgrace of journalism. 

Q: On the anniversary of Maidan. Charles Michel arrived Kiev today. What do you think this is for? 

A: It is a sad anniversary. I even would not call it so. This is rather a date that marks the tenth year after it all happened. I think he should have come to apologize to Ukrainians for all the pomises that he made to them but could not and can not fulfil.