Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Remarks to the Press by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia before UNSC briefing on Libya

Q: Are you worried Sudan may be another Libya with competing generals?

A: They've been competing long time already. We got used to it. We hope this time it will change.

Q: How is your embassy in Khartoum? Because there's been the attack on the US convoy. The EU ambassador was attacked in his home. Is your staff safe?

A: I didn't read any reports that anything happened with the embassy. But I haven't read the news thoroughly today.

Q: Ambassador, any updates on the Grain Deal?

A: Nothing is moving. Efforts are being made on the MoU, but unfortunately, they are fruitless for us. There are issues with the Joint Coordination Center in Istanbul which have to be resolved, which do not comply with the agreements that were reached in July last year. So far, no optimistic views.

Q: We're a month out. So is the deal dead, do you think?

A: What will happen after May 18? As I said earlier, it's not for me to decide. But we clearly said we want to see the progress.

Q: When Minister Lavrov comes, will there be something on the subject?

A: I think that he will discuss it with the Secretary-General when he has a meeting with him. Otherwise no meeting on that particular issue. But of course he will be raising that...

Q: Will he do a press conference?

A: I presume so. I think he will.

Q: Ambassador, how are Council discussions going on Afghanistan?

A: On Afghanistan? The resolution? They just started on the expert level. So far, we don't have anything to report to you, but the issues in Afghanistan are not limited to the human rights violations, the situation with women. There are other issues which should be taken into account. It's a complex thing, and we cannot focus only on one side of the story. And we have to deal with the de facto authorities, whatever we want to do.

Q: Do you think the resolution would be helpful?

A: That's not an easy question. That question is in the same vein as whether the Presidential Statement on the DPRK can be helpful.

Q: Okay. So what are some of the other issues you'd like to see included in the resolution?

A: Socio-economic situation in Afghanistan, humanitarian situation, the frozen assets, the need to help the Afghani people who are suffering. We should take care of them, whoever is in power in the country.