Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Opening remarks by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia, at the screening of the documentary film “School of Executioners”

Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

Today the entire World commemorates the victims and pays tribute to survivors of the Holocaust, one of the gravest crimes against humanity. Later in the day the General Assembly of the United Nations will convene a special meeting to commemorate this date. This tragedy has become a symbol of disaster and pain, merciless savageness and total disregard for human life. This very day 75 years ago the Red Army freed the prisoners of Auschwitz, the Nazi deadliest camp, part of the Nazi’s deadly and powerful “plant” for murdering on an industrial scale. Thus this day became very symbolic and important step on the way to the future Great Victory over Nazism and liberation of the people of Europe.

Soviet soldiers, and soon the entire World, were terrified by the scale and cruelty of Nazi’s atrocities: millions of people were tortured, brutally killed there just for belonging to so called “inferior race”. Jewish people, Roma and Sinti were the main victims of this institutionalized hatred, but if the Nazis would have won, same fate would await Slavic people - Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, as well as Poles, Czechs and Slovaks.

People of many nationalities suffered during World War II and perished in Nazi’s concentration camps until free World prevailed. For that millions gave their lives in fighting Nazism on the battlefields and in underground resistance. Only due to their sacrifice we all live and breathe today. Remembrance of their memory is a duty and an honour for Russia and for all the international community. We owe this to all those who sacrificed their lives for peace, humanity and human rights.

It is urgent today since many tend to forget that Nazism was an absolute evil, that atrocities committed by the Nazis and their accomplices have no limitation statute, they cannot be justified or forgiven.

It should be clear that any attempt to suppress or distort the truth about Nazis, to falsify the history of the most tragic page in human history or to neglect or rewrite the outcome of the Nuremberg tribunal is intolerable and immoral. Killers and executors should not be whitewashed and justified by any narrative.

The Soviet Union took on the heaviest burden of this war that is why it is a principle matter why we safeguard the sacred truth about it. In this regard every year the General Assembly adopts by the initiative of the Russian Federation the special resolution on combating glorification of Nazism to confront those negative trends in our societies.

The documentary “School of Executioners” is showing the real disgusting nature of Nazi accomplices, whom some today try to present as “victims” forced to collaborate. I know, this film is not a pleasant movie to watch, but it is important that we should watch it. It is a small yet significant contribution to our common struggle for the truth of the Past and the peace of the Future.

Thank you!