Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Vladimir Safronkov at the Security Council meeting on the results of the SC mission to Kuwait and Iraq

Mr. President,

We thank the delegations of Kuwait and Iraq for organizing country visits to Kuwait City and Baghdad. We underscore the timeliness and importance of such trips. We specifically commend the efforts of Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert and her team both in terms of a wonderful planning and in providing assistance to the Iraqi authorities in their efforts to ensure national reconciliation and restore the country’s economy.

Contacts with the regionals prove that Security Council missions remain a crucial tool of the Council and play a key role in its decision-making. This is the point of view that we all saw in the region.

We welcome the fact that during our visit to Baghdad and Kuwait City, commitment was reiterated to build good neighborly interaction, help settle crisis situations in the region by political and diplomatic means. We highlight the active stance of the Iraqi and the Kuwaiti as they strive to restore the historic justice in what is called closure of the “Iraqi-Kuwaiti humanitarian dossier” – heritage of the First Gulf War. In this regard, we commend that in February 2018 the leadership of Kuwait held a conference on Iraq’s reconstruction that proved their readiness to move on in restoring Iraq and building healthy bilateral relations.

The visit, on many occasions, reiterated the need to ensure de-escalation in the Persian Gulf. This is what all States of the region without exception and international partners are interested in. Once again we remind of the relevance of the  Russian concept to ensure collective security in the Persian Gulf. We are convinced the UN should increase its profile in mediator diplomacy.

Another important point: the Security Council visit confirmed that fight against terrorism is not over yet. All the partners in the region told us about it. The Security Council has adopted a resolution to undermine the financing of ISIS, other terrorist organizations, and to prevent the phenomenon of returnees. The Russian initiative to establish a broad international anti-terrorist front remains up-to-date.

Russia advocates a complex approach to countering international terrorism. We believe, when solving this problem it is vital to have cooperation at all levels both in the global and regional dimensions. We have stated on multiple occasions that such countries as Iraq, Syria, Iran and others contribute to combatting terrorism.

This fight should base on the solid fundament of the international law under the UN auspices. Coalitions consisting of a limited number of States can only provoke another round of violence.

Thank you.