Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Explanation of vote by Deputy Permanent Representative Anna Evstigneeva after the UNSC vote on a draft resolution on renewal of the mandate of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan


The Russian Federation voted today in favor of the Security Council resolution renewing the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan for 12 months. We trust that the parameters established by Security Council resolution 2626 allow UNAMA to fully implement its activities in Afghanistan during the critically important period for the country.

We note the dedicated work of the United Nations staff in Afghanistan and personally Head of UNAMA Roza Otunbayeva, who work dutifully to deliver on the tasks entrusted to them under difficult conditions. We are convinced that the Security Council's consistent support for the efforts of UNAMA sends a signal to the people of Afghanistan about the international community's shared commitment to establishing long-awaited peace and stability in that much suffered country.

Pragmatic interaction between UNAMA and the de facto authorities on all issues related to United Nations’ tasks in Afghanistan remains an imperative. UNAMA’s efforts at the humanitarian track and its ability to carry out its responsibilities in coordinating international humanitarian assistance to the country and providing support primarily to the most vulnerable groups of the population – women, children, the elderly and persons with disabilities – are a priority. This is particularly important given the fact that the issues of frozen assets and unprecedented unilateral sanctions remain unresolved.

Against this backdrop, attempts to politicize the humanitarian aspect on various pretexts cannot withstand any criticism. In our view, this is immoral and unacceptable. We regret the unconstructive position of certain members of the Security Council, who from the outset demonstrated their readiness to discuss humanitarian challenges solely in connection with the human rights situation and to reflect new realities in the draft only in a way that is convenient for them. Such actions are at odds with the high-sounding slogans about concern for ordinary Afghans, the importance of normalizing the situation in the country, and adopting a comprehensive and realistic approach with a view to international reintegration of Afghanistan.

We are convinced that building lasting peace in Afghanistan is impossible without an objective and balanced assessment and constructive and pragmatic interaction with the de facto authorities on a wide range of problems, including under the auspices of the United Nations. There are no alternatives to this path. A speedy resolution of the current impasse and the successful implementation by UNAMA of the tasks entrusted to it depend on this.

Thank you.

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