Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Explanation of vote by Charge d'Affaires of the Russian Federation Dmitry Polyanskiy before the UNSC vote on a UAE-proposed draft resolution on the Middle East (Palestine)


For two months now, the UN Security Council has been unable to deliver on its duty to maintain international peace and security and to demand an end to the bloodshed in the occupied Palestinian territories and in Israel. For that, there is but one reason: the hard-headed, selfish and destructive position of the United States, which, seeking to favor its ally by any means, actually forbids the UN Security Council from intervening. All this time, UNSC members have heard from the US that Washington would sort things out for itself within its "discreet diplomacy", which implies that we should stand aside while numerous American emissaries travel around Middle Eastern capitals.

The result of this "discreet diplomacy" is a graveyard of Palestinian children that Gaza has turned into, thousands of civilian casualties, hospitals, schools and UNRWA facilities destroyed by ruthless Israeli bombardments. Most importantly, Israel (which is inspired to intensify a new stage of the military operation) is now planning to flood tunnels in the enclave with seawater, which bodes even more horrific humanitarian consequences. For the umpteenth time, American diplomacy has left behind nothing but scorched land and devastation.

Colleagues, as we know from our experience, no good sense can be expected from the current US administration. We have no illusions in this regard, but now we have an absolutely exceptional situation in which we need to act with an open mind. Colleagues, how will you explain to your own citizens, hundreds of thousands of whom come out to rallies in defense of Palestine in American cities, if you again block the demand for an immediate ceasefire? How will you look into the eyes of your Middle Eastern partners, who today are collectively asking for support for the UAE's proposed draft resolution? I hope you realize how this will be perceived in the region and beyond. Today, the entire world has stood up to defend Gaza from total destruction and its inhabitants from total extermination. Now you must finally do the right thing and join the overwhelming majority of the progressive international community in supporting the demands for an end to the violence. Otherwise, you will land on the wrong side of history, supporting inhuman barbaric actions. And for that, history will grant no forgiveness.

From the first day of the escalation, Russia has been calling on the UN Security Council to respond with a demand for an immediate ceasefire. We introduced a draft resolution to this effect as early as 16 October. Unfortunately, because of the position of the Western delegations, it was not adopted. Today, December 8 is on the calendar. We wasted another 6 weeks. The courage and professionalism of the Arab diplomacy and, in particular, of the UAE, which drafted the much-demanded "product" calling for a ceasefire, deserve the highest praise. We also note that the draft resolution follows in the best traditions of UNSC historic decisions on the Middle East. We can confidently say that, regardless of the outcome of today's vote, Abu Dhabi has contributed to the work of the Security Council in a wat that will be remembered for long.


Today, Western delegations have another, perhaps the last opportunity to redeem themselves and vote in support of the draft resolution that the United Arab Emirates put forward on behalf of us all. We hope they will make good use of this chance.  

Thank you.

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