Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by representative of the Russian Federation Alexander Repkin at the UN Security Council meeting on Haiti

Mr. President,

Russia has voted in favor of the proposal to establish a UN Integrated Office in Haiti in accordance with the recommendations contained in the letter by the Secretary-General dated 14 May.

We believe the adoption of this document is an important step towards restoration and stabilization of the country. Throughout many years the UN has supported Port-au-Prince based on Chapter VII of the UN Charter. The United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti will set forth this work for another 4-month period. In parallel to this, the Government and the National Police of Haiti will have to step-by-step become self-sufficient.

During the previous discussion of the situation in Haiti on 12 April, the majority of the Security Council, despite concerns about possible increase of tension in the run-up to the elections, shared the assessments of the Secretary-General, that by October we will be able to say that the Government and the National Police of Haiti have become capable of bearing their national responsibility to ensure safety of their citizens.

We also hope that the experience and expertise, that the international advisers shared with Haitians, will help overcome the obstacles they may encounter on their way to stability. Though, without doubt, the first stage to follow the termination of the UN presence under Chapter VII of the Charter, will be the most responsible. That is why the new Special Political Mission has the vital task to assist in a smooth transition from a peacekeeping mission to a political one. This should happen through supporting the Government and the Police of Haiti in maintaining law and order and establishing a national dialogue.

We expect that the attention coming from the Security Council will assure Haitians of the support of the global community.

In conclusion, let me express support to the people and government of Haiti who as soon as in October will receive an opportunity to fully and independently implement their national responsibility for the fate of their country, its stability and development.

Russia will remain part of efforts to ensure that the involvement of the Security Council will lead to a true normalization in Haiti, strengthening of its sovereignty and independence.

Thank you.