Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by representative of the Russian Federation Natalia Karmazinskaya at Arria-Formula VTC of UNSC members «Humanitarian action: overcoming challenges in situations of armed conflict and counter-terrorism operations»

Thank you very much, Excellency, for giving me the floor. We thank our today’s briefers as well.

The topic of our discussion bears great importance for the uninterrupted provision of humanitarian assistance to all those in need, especially the most vulnerable, residing in the areas under control of terrorists’ groups. People held hostage by terrorists (and this is exactly how we should speak about IDPs in Syrian Idlib, for example) are under huge daily threat when they try to get long awaited humanitarian aid.

It is essential to ensure that people in conflict zones who are in real need of assistance have access to humanitarian deliveries. However, the task to create conditions for the work of humanitarian organizations and medical personnel must not be used as a reason for non-compliance with obligations under international and national law in the area of countering terrorism. This humanitarian paradigm of security measures is included into the UN General Assembly resolution 75/291 “The United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy: seventh review”, which was adopted by consensus in July. We fully support it.

Medical or humanitarian organizations may not assist terrorists either directly or indirectly, thus undermining international counterterrorism efforts. In this regard, UNSC resolution 2462 that requires States to take into account exclusively humanitarian activities that are carried out by impartial humanitarian actors, continues to be relevant and must be fully observed.

Mr. Chair,

It is a matter of growing concern how terrorists are expanding propaganda and recruiting people, in particular among disillusioned with actions of Governments in coping with COVID-19. Easy access to small arms exacerbates the situation. Attempts are being made to replace central authorities in the provision of services, including in the health sector. Fight against terrorists diverts resources from efforts to contain and reverse spread of the pandemic or efforts to resolve persisting socio-economic problems leading to the impoverishment of population.

I thank you.