Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by representative of the Russian Federation Mr.Vadim Kirpichenko at UNSC briefing on the Syrian chemical file (resolution 2118)


We take notice of the briefing by USG Nakamitsu.

Unfortunately, there has been nothing new in her presentation of yet another off-the-shelf report by the OPCW Director-General. By the way, it was issued on 30 September, which is almost a month ago. As we understand, the next meeting of the Council on this topic may take place as early as at the beginning of November, and then within a few days the next report will be issued. What is the point for us to discuss the document which is already outdated? Such an approach completely devaluates the discussion of the progress of resolution 2118 in the Security Council.

The only thing that will stick in memory about this meeting is yet another refusal of OPCW Director-General F.Arias to brief the Council. He seems to be too afraid that he might have to answer to the “inconvenient” questions that we asked to the OPCW Technical Secretariat about improving its politicized approach to the Syrian chemical file, and also about the manipulations during the preparation of the Douma report of the OPCW Fact Finding Mission in Syria.

We repeat again that the DG Arias’s reports are misbalanced. They keep repeating equitype anti-Syrian allegations and pursue just one goal – create an impression that the dialogue of the OPCW and Syria is only stalled due to Syria’s alleged lack of cooperation. Our Syrian colleagues will have to fill in the gaps again today by speaking about the aspects of their interaction with the OPCW Technical Secretariat that are not mentioned in the report. We will not indulge in empty rhetoric today.

It is clear that the schedule of discussions of UNSCR 2118 in the Council needs to be optimized.

Unless DG Arias demonstrates readiness to brief the Security Council, which would only be appropriate for a responsible international official of such a high rank, it makes no sense discussing the Syrian chemical file every month. Especially in light of the fact that even in the Hague this topic is discussed on a quarterly basis.

Thank you.