Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Remarks by Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Mr.Dmitry Polyanskiy
 following discussion of Kerch strait incident in UNSC

Q.: Do you have any response to the Ukrainian ambassador’s statement?

A.: We are serious people and we conduct a serious investigation. We do not rush into conclusions. We know that there are some video materials that are circulated, but you know that we usually take account of them but not as a primary source of accusation of somebody. As I told during the meeting, we will conduct an investigation and we will present its outcome. We think that this is the right approach rather than to rush into conclusions after a video footage. We are not “bellingcats”, we are working seriously.

Q.: When do you expect to release these three soldiers?

A.: In due course, after the investigation that we conduct. There are procedures that are prescribed by laws of the Russian Federation and we will obey to them. It depends on the investigation, it depends on the charges that they will have. We are the country of the rule of law and that is why we will decide it according to our laws.

Q.: Mr. Ambassador, did you expect anything different from Western countries?  

A.: Maybe we are very naive people, but all the time we expect some miracle to happen. That is because we are pointing out to the real problem, but we are hearing some myths, legends and claims about alleged Russian aggression, occupation, whatever. Today I learned from the Ukrainian ambassador the fact that we occupied the Azov Sea and we are going to occupy Mariupol, that was really a very big surprise for me. So, we hope that our Western colleagues will understand that the problem is there, in Kiev. There is a problem with its Maidan regime, with its actions. What happened recently, during these days was a clear cut provocation. We wanted to convene the Security Council meeting to condemn this provocation and to discuss the ways to avoid such provocations from happening again because this is very dangerous, it can lead to an unpredictable situation. But, unfortunately, the Western countries predictably disappointed us by repeating the same mantra about alleged Russian aggression, occupation, human rights and violations in Crimea and so on. So, from this point of view, it was very disappointing.

Q.: The sailors, what is going to happen with them, what is next?

A.: The sailors are being treated, there are three of them having injuires, not serious injuires, and their lives are absolutely out of danger. As I said during the meeting of the Security Council, the full responsibility for this incident lies on those who gave them this criminal order to act like they were acting, provoking Russian coast guard.

Q.: When exactly do you plan to release them?

A.: After the investigation, of course. These sailors conducted a crime according to the laws of the Russian Federation. Each and every sovereign country has the right to prosecute people who conduct crimes and unlawful acts on its territory. That is our approach.

Thank you very much.