Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Remarks to the Press by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia Preceeding Press Conference of the Foreign Minister of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Q: You have a draft resolution on Venezuela in the Security Council. What is your plan of action?

A: I have answered that question. That depends on the developments that might start even tomorrow, about which we are very concerned. Not only us, but the whole group in this room. Tomorrow something might happen that would trigger unpredictable events. We will see what happens tomorrow and proceed from there. We pray nothing happens. We pray that there will be no violence. We pray no civil strike will start in Venezuela. We want this not to become a provocation that might start dangerous events.

Q: If it happens, how would you react to this?

A: I think that if something happens, the Security Council should react to it immediately.

Q: Will Russia help Venezuela militarily?

A: I was answering this question before. We hope we will not need even to discuss it. Although this threat to the zone of peace, which is Latin America, is eminent. Not just the Charter of the UN and the international law are in jeopardy. Peace is in jeopardy. We are very much concerned about it. That is why this group of countries that came today to discuss this issue was united in opposing any military developments that might occur around Venezuela.

Q: Are you going to sign the letter to the Secretary-General? We saw a draft letter to support Venezuela.

A: If this letter is agreed upon by those who want to sign it, of course we will sign as well.

Q: Will there be an emergency meeting tomorrow in case the situation escalates?

A: I have answered to this already. Hopefully, there will be no reason for it. But if there is a reason – then of course.

Q: Is this the beginning of an international movement?

A: What do you mean by this?

Q: Where is this going, I mean this group of countries?

A: This group will be defending the UN Charter and the international law and making sure its voice is heard, that this is not the method to solve international problems. As the Minister of Venezuela correctly said, it is not just about Venezuela. It is about the future, about the way crises will be resolved in the future: will they be resolved on the basis of the UN Charter and international law or through flagrant use of force and threats to use force?