Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

The right of reply by the Chargé d'Affaires of the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the, Mr. Petr Illiichev, at the Security Council meeting on small arms

After the statement  by the delegation of Ukraine:

The negative impact on the implementation of the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements, which remains the only option for resolving the situation in south-eastern Ukraine, is exacerbated by overall instability in the country, the exploitation of the Donbas factor to foment internal political strife and the rise of radical and extremist forces that are condoned by the authorities.

More and more often, it is the weapons in the hands of the extremists that are becoming the instruments that settle conflicts, and the country’s authorities are incapable of prosecuting the trafficking of those weapons. In that regard, we would like to draw the Council’s attention to the fact that, according to data published in April by the independent non-governmental organization the Small Arms Survey, the volume of illegally traded small arms in Ukraine stood at approximately 3 million units in 2013.

The 2014 coup d’état only exacerbated the situation. It was under the passive eye of the coupists that army depots were looted — which was well documented in the media — including in western areas of the country, and small arms and light weapons were distributed willy nilly to the extremists, who were subsequently legalized by their inclusion in the country’s armed forces.

In that regard, we hope that the Kyiv authorities fulfil their international obligation to control the circulation of small arms and light weapons and take the necessary measures to combat their illegal trade.

After the Ukranian right of reply: 

 In response to what was just said about Russia being the only supplier of weapons to Ukraine, let me go into more detail regarding our theory about how various countries supply Ukraine with lethal weapons. We have already mentioned that Canada publicly stated its readiness to license its companies to supply them.

As it recently turned out, some American companies, and in particular AirTronic USA, which makes handheld grenade launchers, are already supplying Kiev with weapons, having been secretly authorized to do so with the agreement of both the State Department and the Pentagon, although the official United States line is that no final decision has been made on that matter.

We would like to suggest to those promoting and making such decisions to consider their responsibility for the results. It is entirely obvious that pouring American and Canadian weapons of war into Ukraine is pushing the country’s leaders, who are already sabotaging the Minsk agreements, into undertaking new military ventures.

Everyone must understand that the conflict in Donbas cannot be settled by force, and the blame for the lives lost will be on those who put weapons in the killers’ hands.

After the Ukranian right of reply: 

Very briefly, I would like to say that the Russian delegation prepares extremely thoroughly and carefully for every Security Council meeting.