Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Remarks to the press by Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Q: Could you make any quick comment on the situation with DPRK, how does Russia feel about new sanctions?

A: I have nothing to comment substantively, because we have not come yet to discussing it. The situation is really serious and every UNSC member as well as international community are concerned with that. We will be working to see what we can do together in the Council on that. But later on.

Q: Russian defense official said last week that they believe the latest test on Friday was a midrange missile.

A: Yes they did say so. I cannot contend with the objective arguments by people who are technically equipped to comment on that.

Q: But it is still very urgent situation.

A: Yes, it is, indeed.

Q: Have you met Nikki Haley yet?

A: I have this morning. And I will be meeting her more often in the coming hours, days weeks and years etc.

Q: And what about prospects for US-Russian cooperation in UN Security Council?

A: I see they are good, let’s see how it works.

Q: Did you have a discussion already?

A: Not yet, we just had an ambassador is meeting discussing the program of work of the UNSC prepared by our Egyptian colleagues for the coming month, so we just exchanged a few words and we will be meeting later to talk substantively.

Q: Your thoughts on coming back to the UN service…

A: I have not yet worded them. Give me a bit more time so I can tell you later because it’s been like 17 years since I departed. I have to see what changed. The building has not except for the renovation. I didn’t work at the Security Council before so for me it’ll be a new experience and I am looking forward to it. To comment on that I have to come there first.

Q: And with Venezuela, Mr. Ambassador, how do you see the situation? Do you think you should discuss it at the Security Council?

A: We don’t have that on the agenda. We will be talking to our Venezuelan colleagues and to other members of the General Assembly. But I think the situation better be resolved without referring it to the Security Council.

Q: Egypt had a proposal about sanctions to have a working group to look at the impact of sanctions. What does Russia think of the proposal?

A: We are discussing the resolution on that which is still in the Council. It has not been agreed upon yet. We have ideas about sanctions. You know that we are victims of illegitimate sanctions. Of course, any sanctions that the Security Council adopts – this is the limit of it. The Security Council is the only legitimate international body at all to come up with sanctions. We do not want to see extra sanctions on top of those adopted by the Security Council