Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

Statement by Mr. Nikita Lushnikov, President of Russia's National Antidrug Union, at the launch of the 2018 World Drug Report

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In Russia much attention is paid to reducing the demand for all types of drugs. The return of a person to normal life includes treatment for drug addiction, rehabilitation and social reintegration.

In the final document of the UNGASS dependence on narcotic substances is defined as a complex health disorder that can be treated.

The National Anti-Drug Union builds its work on the principles of Drug Free programs, focusing on the ultimate goal - the patient's complete refusal to use any narcotic or psychotropic substances. The National Anti-Drug Union has been working since two thousand and eight (2009) on Drug Free programs and includes twenty (20) large funds and about one hundred(100) rehabilitation centers.

The main of our programs:

International Therapeutic Camps are an unparalleled event in the World. The camp is a therapeutic community and gathers from  one thousand five hundred (1500) to two thousand (2000) participants from seven countries around the world twice a year. The Camp gives motivation for recovery to thousands of people from different countries who have faced the problem of dependence. For six days in the camp, sports events, therapeutic groups and creative evenings are held.

At the same time, there is also a camp for members of dependent families who are going through the program, where family consultations with psychologists are held.

The complex of educational programs Social Elevator, the purpose of which is to obtain a social status. The target audience of the project is young people   who have successfully undergone rehabilitation from alcohol and drug addiction. Terms of social reintegration: from three (3) months to one (1) year and gives a full social adaptation.

Currently, the project successfully employs over ten different social reintegration programs, which are grouped into six main areas:

• Training of social workers

• Training of IT specialists

• Training of media professionals

• Training of restaurant business employees

• Creative social reintegration

• Sport social reintegration

The project My family is my fortress is aimed at working with parents and close people, where there are dependent people. Relatives learn to build a constructive dialogue with the dependent, set clear boundaries with the dependent person, openly talk about the problem, take an active stance in the recovery of their child and be consistent and patient.

The school of preventive maintenance on chemical dependence for employees of the rehabilitation centers successfully works. Its goal is to acquire new knowledge for employees.

The statistics of our work for the last ten years testify to the high efficiency of our Drug Free programs. Approximately sixteen thousand five hundred (16,500) people applied for help; of them have passed the program in full  six thousand seven hundred (6700) people; there are five thousand one hundred (5100) people in remission; have received work five thousand three hundred (5,300) people; during this time seven hundred and eighty (780) families were created,  and almost four hundred (400) children were born.

We are ready to cooperate with foreign countries in order to transfer their experience and knowledge.

Thank you for attention